Product overview

ProductTypesSteelplantFoundryRaw material base
slide gate plateshigh alumina, magnesia
prefabricated refractory shapes

nozzle bricks, impact plates, nozzle sleeves, electric arc furnace runners, electric arc furnace delta sections

high alumina material
castable mixes

refractory castables, shotcrete mixes, gunning mixes, ramming mixes, mortars

fire clay, andalusite, bauxite, corundum

covering agents for steel ladle and tundish

powder, pellets, micro pellets, granulated material

silica, alumina, burnt magnesite, other mixtures

refractory bricksbricks, electric arc furnace, ladle, B.O.F. vessel, torpedo carsfire clay, andalusite, bauxite, mullite, corundum, magnesia carbon
insulating materialsplates with high mecanical strength, cuts, ceramic fiber boards, vacuum formed hot tops, wool, felts, cords & tapes, light-weight insulating bricksmagnesia silicate, ceramic fibres, bio fibres, alumina

isostatic pressed products for continuous casting

monoblockstoppers, shrouds, submerged nozzles

alumina-graphite, fused silica

cored wirevarious alloying elements
nozzelblock filler*grain materialchrom ore sand, zirconium sand
EBT-filler*grain materialolivine
foundry refractory materialstoppers, nozzels, sleeve bricks, casting systems, feeders, hot tops, latch chains

fire clay, bauxite, mullite, special qualities


trumpet tubes, centre riser, runner bricks, central bricks

fire clay, bauxite, mullite, special qualities


*INTRACON proprietary products

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